Commercial Roofing in Orange, TX - Lake Charles, LA & Surrounding Areas

The last thing you want is for water from the roof to leak inside your commercial space. Depend on our team to keep your building dry by allowing us to provide full-service commercial roofing in Lake Charles, LA. At Barrier Roof Systems, we have the experience to help you avoid leaks that lead to water damaging your goods and property. Our commercial roofing contractor team has all of the tools and talent needed to fix any crack and install any roof.

Commercial Building in Houston, TX

Commercial Roofing Contractor Ready to Help

Accidents happen, as the saying goes, but that is why our commercial roofing contractor offers 24-hour emergency roof repair services. Whether a strong storm takes off half your shingles or you discover a hole in your roof, we have what it takes to seal your roof up tightly. Commercial buildings feature a wide variety of roofs in all different styles. You don't want to spend all day searching for a contractor who specializes in your particular roof. We have the experience and knowledge needed to take on any project with just one call. Our team will arrive quickly with all the necessary equipment and replacement materials to complete the job.

Full Replacement by Our Commercial Roofing Company

Don't let customers shop under a leaky roof! People notice the difference between well-kept roofs and rundown ones, so keep your building in top shape with a full roof replacement by our commercial roofing company. Over time, wear and tear adds up and replacement can be the only choice. Our commercial roofing company crew will arrive at your site with all necessary equipment and materials. As we do on every job we undertake, we focus on saving you time and money. You'll be able to stand out from other businesses with a stunning roof.

Save on Your Energy Bill with Our Commercial Roofing Services

One of the largest sources of heat or cooling loss is your business' roof. From broken vents to loose shingles, many things can lead to your HVAC system working overtime to keep up with these losses. This is why you should turn to us for total commercial roofing service. We track down any and all potential problem areas, working to minimize your energy use by keeping your building's energy efficiency as high as possible. This means fixing holes and providing roof replacement when needed. You are sure to save money in the long run by paying less per month on your electric bill.

Contact us to find out more about our commercial roofing services, including repair and replacement. We proudly serve Lake Charles, Westlake, Mossville, Sulphur, Prien, Carlyss, Hackberry, Moss Bluff, Gillis, Iowa, Bell City, Vinton, as well as surrounding communities.
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